Social Media Has Transformed the Communications Landscape

The Concept of Leadership has Changed

Leaders are no longer remote figures seen only in the news. They are real people who people can reach out to. The key skill of a modern leader is the ability to have conversations in real time. Today’s leaders are like anyone else but they lead cooler lives. They are thinking of new ideas. They also […]

Communication has Changed

Leaders used to communicate through press releases crafted by the PR agencies. Today only direct communication can raise the profile of the corporate brand and communicate its mission and values. Leaders used to communicate through press releases that had been crafted by their PR agencies. The leaders just had to lip-sync when they were on […]

The Media Has Changed

Everyone who has a smartphone is a media house. The employees, customers, analysts and all other stakeholders are on social media. It is time to bring the C-Suite to the party as well. Everyone who has a smartphone is a media house. Employees are talking about the brand, the workplace, company policies and everything that […]

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